An introduction to containers, Singularity and use cases

Containers have changed the way we package up our applications, environments, enable reproducibility and move workloads around. In this talk, we will start at the very beginning by answering the question "What is a container?", then move on to gain a better understanding of how containers relate to the underlying operating system, how to use them, and then talk about Singularity, the coolest container system ever.

Readings for this lecture

There are no additional required readings for this lecture.

Greg Kurtzer

Gregory Kurtzer is a highly sought after speaker and well known leader in open source, computing, and founder of several well known projects such as CentOS Linux, Warewulf, and most recently, Singularity. Greg worked for almost 20 years as an HPC Systems Architect for Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and now is the CEO of a new corporation called Sylabs Inc.

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