Lecture slides for STATS285, Fall 2017

Lecture01: Revolutions Everywhere (Donoho/Monajemi)

Lecture02: The Cluster Scaling Revolution, and ClusterJob (Monajemi/Donoho)

Lecture03: Occupy The Cloud (Eric Jonas)

Lecture04: Reproducibility in Computational Science (Victoria Stodden)

Lecture05: CodaLab (Percy Liang)

Lecture06: Scaling Python to CPUs and GPUs (Travis Oliphant)

Lecture07: IT for Research: a Journey from In-House HPC Clusters to Public Cloud Infrastructure (Riccardo Murri)

Lecture08: Data Engineering and Data Science with Databricks and Apache Spark (Andy Konwinski)

Lecture09: Push-button Deep Learning on the Cloud (Monajemi/Donoho)

Lecture10: Looking Back/Looking Ahead (Donoho/Monajemi)

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